How to Improve Your Ranking on Google Local Services Ads


Google is continuously improving its algorithm and making it more helpful for users. So, companies should follow the updates to have a high ranking on Google.

Your ranking within the Local Services unit is defined by a number of factors that help Google match service providers to consumers.

However, since Local Service Ads are not triggered by keywords and there is no ad copy, you might think “How can I increase my ranking and lead volume?” To answer this question, take a look at the 4 factors that Google takes into account when ranking your local service ad.

#1 Proximity: It is important how close your business is to your potential customer’s location. The closer the location, the higher the ranking.

#2 Reviews: Reviews are the essential factor when it comes to the ranking of your Local Service Ads. Google learns your business review score and the total number of reviews.

#3 Responsiveness: Google checks your responsiveness to people that contacted you via the Local Service Ads. If you respond in a fast manner, this will help you rank higher.

#4 Business Hours: In order to define your ranking, Google checks your opening hours. In case you are available at the moment of the potential customer’s search, this will allow you to rank higher.

In addition to these 4 factors, your ranking will depend on your budget. If your ad is getting leads more quickly than your budget can accommodate, you may see your ranking affected or your ad paused temporarily.

1. Increase Your Five Star Ratings and Reviews

The fastest way to improve your ranking by increasing 5-star reviews. The newer reviews over a period of time matter more than the total reviews. Ask clients to leave a review by using the Google Link or use “add review feature” on Google. And don’t forget that good reviews will increase your online reputation

2. Optimize Your Service Types

Choosing the right ad settings can help you reach the right customers at the right time for your company. In the Local Service Ads platform, you will be able to select the service types from a list of potential services for each business category. By selecting services that are directly related to your business, your ads can appear when a customer searches for a particular service.

3. Update Your Business Information

Your brand’s bio helps you to showcase essential aspects of your business to clients and can give you a competitive advantage. The business bio is shown on your profile page and you can select up to five highlights. These highlights are divided into two categories:

1․ Standard Highlights are true for your business, like 24/7 service, 20 years in business, locally-owned and operated, military discount available, free estimate, etc.
2․ Google-controlled Highlights are controlled by Google. Examples of these highlights are: BBB Accreditations, On-Time Guarantee, etc.

Also make sure that you have updated other information, such as your business hours and photos (because changing image URLs will affect rankings in image search)

4. Improve Your Response Time

In order to increase your ranking on the Local Service Ads platform, it is crucial that you work on your response time. You will have better chances to rank at the top if you respond as fast as possible to the leads coming in from the Local Service Ads. And the opposite is for long response time: it will negatively affect your ranking.

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