Big City Realty

Project Introduction

BIG CITY REALTY is a luxury brokerage in Markham, Ontario that specializes in the purchase, sale, and leasing of real estate. Land management, real estate consultation, and other tailored programs are also available to completely meet the client's needs, resulting in a high-profile performance portfolio of this company.

Website Design, Development, & SEO

Creating an online presence for a real estate company might be a challenge taking into account the competition of the field. Having to deal with different types of properties and pre-construction projects, another challenge was to create a comprehensive website that makes it easy for users to surf around and find what they are looking for. With a new and leveled-up website, it was the perfect time to reach new goals by making the website dominate the first page of search results. We were able to significantly enhance the website's search engine efficiency through extensive industry-specific keyword analysis, a strategic link-building strategy, and content optimization activities.

Social Media Management

Through examination of the competitive field and the professional approach towards creating a unique social presence, we strategically showcase the competitive advantages of the brand on social platforms, clearly communicating the brand’s values, expertise, and selection of offered services. We developed a trustful, informative, and attention-getting social media strategy for them to implement simultaneously across all of their social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, at the same time.

Paid Advertising

Thanks to our strategic planning and campaign execution with a clear objective in mind it is possible to take the best of paid advertising, making it a complementary component for the organic traffic and lead generation instead of interfering with it.


To fully capture the uniqueness of the company, we have decided to take the lead of creating a luxurious, exceptional, and unique brand, that will expand its digital presence through social media, web design, and development.