My life changing co-op adventure at Digilite


You’re probably wondering who I am, huh? My name’s Daniel Jiang and recently I’ve had the great pleasure of doing co-op at Digilite. Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School photoI am a grade 11 student from Pierre Elliott Trudeau High Schooland for my co-op course, I spent 4 months learning about marketing and what it’s like to be in the work force. I just wanted to share some of the great experiences and memories that I’ve collected over my time at Digilite. Before I begin, I’d like to mention how friendly and welcoming everyone at Digilite was. From the laughter, conversations, and motivation that everyone has, Digilite truly feels like a family. In just the 4 months that I’ve spent at Digilite, I’ve learned more than I’d ever expected. The level of complexity and thought that marketers put into digital marketing shocked me. I had never considered the scope of analytics and development that goes into creating an effective marketing campaign. It is easy to take for granted the effort that is put into the advertisements we see on a daily basis while browsing the web. After having first hand experience, you really begin to appreciate the art of digital marketing. The main duty I had whilst at Digilite was to help to promote their new marketing software for real estate brokers; RealtySoft. I was in charge of managing the many different aspects of the digital marketing for RealtySoft such as Email Marketing, PPC Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. It was amazing to see the processes of digital marketing first hand, and it is definitely something that I would never be able to learn in school. It was an honour to have Digilite trust in me to work on the digital marketing for RealtySoft, it was a new project that was being developed, and they put the weight on my shoulders to try and perform the marketing tasks required to make it successful Of course, I learned much more than just the big concepts of digital marketing, I would like to share some of the insight and details that I have learned over the past few months. email icon

  • Email Marketing:  Emails are quick, easy, and accessible, making them one of the most commonly used digital marketing strategies. The core components involved is building an email/client list, creating useful emails, and conducting performance analysis. Email marketing can be used for many different tasks such as reminders, special events, newsletters, and updates. Although emails sound easy enough, taking advantage of them is another story. If done correctly, a business will be able to communicate effectively with it’s loyal client base to increase brand recognition and brand loyalty. 


  • website wireframeSocial Media Marketing: Almost everyone  uses social media. You’ve probably used at least one already today. However, using social media in your private life and for business have night and day differences. Social media is effective as it allows businesses to create a more personal connection with its customers. Customers can comment and interact with a business, giving businesses a chance to demonstrate its values and increase customer loyalty. Similar to Email marketing, great considerations must be made to increase a client base, create social media content, and analyse social media data.


  • Pay-Per-Click: Pay-Per-Click are the advertisements you see whilst on google, or mouse iconbrowsing the web. The main advantage to pay-per-click is that fees will only be charged if an advertisement is clicked, rather than whenever they show up. Additionally, certain specifications can be set for who is able to see the advertisements. This allows you to target only the people that will be interested in your products, and get the biggest bang for your buck. If done properly, this should be a great way to capture interested people, and directly communicate with your target market.


  • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine OptimizationSEO or SEO, is the strategies required to push your website to the top of the search results. In general, search engines try to prioritize the websites that are most likely to be helpful to the searcher. In order to appear higher in the searches, the website must prove its usefulness to the search engine. To do this, there are many different strategies and optimization techniques that can be used. If done correctly, your website should appear in the first few search results and be one of the first links a potential customer clicks on, therefore significantly boosting your web traffic and customers.


  • Content Marketing: Content Marketing refers to the quality content such as blogs, content marketingguides, or videos that an organization creates and uses to appeal to readers. With quality content, readers are able to bond and become familiar with the brand. If a brand is able to meet the needs of a reader through content, the reader can feel confident that the brand is able to meet their needs through products. Additionally, readers can interact with, and share the content which provides increased promotion and reach. If done correctly, you should be able to attract many new customers that are looking for content related to your business. These customers should feel like they are getting something from the content, and thus increasing brand loyalty and increasing the chances of getting shares.


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