Secrets How to Design UX for Millennials


“What if I told you that millennials have more than mentality”.

You have surely seen them walking around, eyes glued to the smartphones. Even though they cluster together you won’t notice them making direct eye contact with each other, instead they are immersed in his/her smartphone, convs and SM (Social Media) exchange. Believe it or not but zombie apocalypses is upon us.

Finally what does millennials generation mean for technology?

How techs should appease millennials demands?

This generation can make anything work. Any way you need to take into consideration that even though they can figure out how to use an app or site that is a total clunker, be sure, they won’t use it, and they won’t waste valuable time to do so. They are experts of finding what they want, finding alternatives and they simply won’t put up with bad user experience.

Millennials are coming of age and are estimated to have annual purchasing power of more than $200 billion by 2017.

That’s a very considerable number. It gives us something to think about.

So it’s no surprise that some design companies and communities are turning their attention to depicture how to designe for millennials and satisfy their thirst.

Hence the design solutions should be unique to this generation.

There is no coincidence that Apple thrive on fluid user experiences that allow millennials to accomplish their goals with ease and receive the desired effect.

We have shortlisted some essential factors to keep in mind when designing for millennials.


  • Make it mobile – Mobile is the #1 choice for the millennial generation.
  • Emphasize the user experience – Less tolerance for poor user experiences means that the importance of creating great online experiences is higher than ever.
  • Enable Self-Service solutions on your site – millennials generally prefer to be in control, they prefer the seat of driver so favour website self-service solutions over assisted service; give millennials the power to resolve their own problems.
  • Expect millennials to talk about your brand on social media, so engage in the conversation and learn from it.

Millennials really do appreciate those design touches. You just need to be much more attentive to the facts how they behave on the web.

So adopt these rules on your next design project.