What is an MVP?

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is essentially a prototype of your product — in this case, an application —  that possesses all of the main functions and characteristics ready to be tested by early adopters. Creating an MVP is an optimal way to take your project blueprint and launch it into reality without allotting a sizable amount of money to make it possible. After your MVP is deployed, you will be able to gather sufficient feedback through early-phase testing, secure sponsorships or investments for the full model, and gradually scale your project.

From MVP to MMP
with Digilite

Digilite is specialized in creating custom digital solutions for medium
to enterprise businesses across the world. Don’t miss out on the chance
to receive a custom MVP with end-to-end development.


Elevate Your Business

There is a plethora of advantages you will gain from deploying a fully-functioning and efficient MVP for early adapters. Starting off with a strong foundation in the product creation cycle will allow you to scale up gradually with a low margin of error.

Here is only a part of what you will gain with a fully-fledged MVP:

  • Proof of Concept
  • Efficient Scaling
  • Budget-friendly Implementation
  • Attraction from Investors
  • Effective Testing & Feedback
  • Decreased In-house Development Costs

Industries We Cover

Digilite specializes in developing digital MVP solutions for businesses from industries like the ones listed below. This list is not exhaustive and we aim to tailor custom digital solutions for businesses — local or international. Mention the full details of your project and business goals and let’s see what we can specially do for you.

Education (EdTech)

Law and Legal (LegalTech)

Commercial and Residential Real Estate (PropTech)

Finance & Banking (FinTech)

Food & Delivery (FoodTech)

Your MVP from Digilite

Digilite’s technical team works to cooperate with a set number of MVP projects at a time to ensure each project receives the MVP (Most valued player) treatment it deserves. With 15+ years of practical experience on our backs, we have everything in our arsenal to deliver the end result you want. Here’s what to expect when we take on creating your MVP:

Get the Technical Cofounder you’ve been looking for — Implementing an MVP, everything from planning to execution, is typically handled by an on-site and in-house Tech Cofounder, but not every business has one on board. We’re ready to be the Tech Cofounder and kickstart your MVP for select few companies.

Receive support for MVP1, MVP2, and so on — The product cycle doesn’t end with a first draft. Digilite will provide you with the full support of alpha and beta testing along with any other launches until your product reaches MMP (Minimum Marketable Product).

Expect End-to-end development — Everything from initial analysis and planning to design, development, and then finally delivery will be taken care of us. Along with all of the risks associated with any stage of the process.

Our MVP Projects

Here is a handful of the MVPs we’ve created over the years for local and international companies which went on to strengthen their unique place in the competitive market:

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