How to get 130.000 followers on Twitter – Marji J Sherman


There are many tactics and methods to attract visitors and followers on this or that social media channel. On Twitter one needs to avoid that temptation to talk about anything and everything, and instead he/she needs to concentrate on the things that matter most to his/her customers while taking the responsibility to solve their problems. On her last interview Marji J Sherman has kindly shared her secrets about how to fairly obtain more than 100.000 followers on Twitter. Here is the list of Marji’s best practices, best experience and key insights.

  1. Schedule your Twitter Time:

Marji recommends and finds it effective to start off in the morning and then again at the end of the day. This method is chasing the purpose not to put pressure on your followers and make your fans aware of your time management.

  1. Follow the people you admire:

If you are novice on Twitter and don’t know where to begin with, start to search for your favourites that you admire most like thought leaders, authors, colleagues, singers, actors-anyone who inspires you. By following your favourites you will constantly be aware of their deeds and topics they are talking about. It’s also a good idea to follow your customers and competitors to always be aware what they are up to.       3. Listen first: Marji J Sherman, of course didn’t started with 130.000 followers, that she has now, she started off with less than 100 followers and the clue is that she is close to listen deeply to the people she admired most. A vivid example that proves the said: As a guest at a dinner party, of course, you wouldn’t rush into a room and start talking to people you have never met before. Would you? The same goes for Twitter – at first listen and seek for the proper moment and when you can join the conversation and provide the insights you have about certain topic.

  1. Add value:

Feel whether you are comfortable with the discussed topic to add value, if yes then do that via replies to the content originator on Twitter. But if you have more to say (as Twitter text characters are limited) then use comment section to provide your insights and value.

  1. Be yourself:

Make sure that you are true to yourself. Avoid following the path of those who are already out of the front. Only your personal genuine will be successful on Twitter. Always remember that the more you remain yourself and allow others to see who you are, the deeper your connections will grow and the more engagement will be achieved.

  1. Just don’t overshare:

A common mistake happens especially for those who are clueless from Twitter tactics. This happens when you scatter your insights to and fro and comment on everything and anything that you see. Always feel when to stop. Sometimes you even need to go back to just being yourself.

  1. Keep focused on growing your business:

This one is the most apparent one. But growing business only via Twitter, of course, is not enough. If you are tweeting about things that have nothing with your business then most obviously you are having fun and you are neither building your professional reputation nor becoming a trusted resource within your business community. Avoid the temptation to talk about everything just focus on your core deed. So this is why Marji J Sherman has 130.000 followers. Follow this tips and use this powerful art of Social Media.

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