Tips To Generate More Insurance Leads From Facebook

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July 9, 2020
Tips To Generate More Insurance Leads From Facebook

Technological advancements are already effective in every aspect of our lives and decision-making. In the modern-day, typically every individual in need of insurance services will turn to social media and Google search to find the best companies, with affordable prices and good customer support. 

What does this mean for your company? Investing more time, money and efforts in the advanced world of digital marketing.

Have you considered using Facebook Ads as a lead generation tool? There are a lot of lead generation magnets that you can use to collect leads, but let’s start with Facebook. After all, Facebook is easily accessed by smartphone users, which makes Facebook a great platform for quickly engaging with prospects. After creating a social media strategy, setting up a business page on Facebook, and consistently posting relevant, quality content, it’s time to utilize Facebook ads.

Let’s dive straight into four lead generation-specific tips to optimize your  Facebook Ads.

Increasing your Facebook Ads Click-Through-Rate

Image best practices:

  • Include a person in your ad visual to gain more trust. 
  • Test an odd or fun visual. This really depends on your strategy, but this makes users do a double-take and encourages them to read your caption and mostly engage.
  • Remember to keep it simple and avoiding complex images that Facebook users will ignore.
  • Use orange, green, and red: eye-catching, attractive colors.

Ad text Best Practice:

  • You need to write a clickable caption, so it will encourage users and instruct them on what to do next. Use powerful words like “Free”, “Results”, “Guarantee”, “Proven”, “Safe”, etc., because they resonate with consumers and help sell more services. Also, don’t forget to use action verbs.
  • Your title should be the “magnet” of your ad. In most cases, people will read the headline first,  before moving on to other elements. Focus your headline on being eye-catching and communicating value. 
  • Extending your headline too long can cause users to lose focus and attention, and you will miss an ad click. The average length for a Facebook ad title to increase ctr on Facebook ads is just five words.

Bonus tips:

– A/B test at least five ads, then refine the winners
– Speak directly to your target audience
– Offer Something for free.

Capture Attention With The Right Ads

How to get your user thinking about the product you want to purchase? How to convey people to take action through ads? How to make your ads attractive for your audience? One thing is for sure. You won’t know until you test! 

However, there are various “universal” accepted ways to approach an ad to drive as many customers to take action as possible. Let’s use one example. One of the more effective ways to drive calls from Facebook advertising is to make your audience go to your website and encourage them to make a call from there. But again, how would you make them stop scrolling through their feed and lead them to your website? 

Here are some ideas from our marketing experts to help you on the way: 

Extend an Offer: Present them a great offer or incentive. Give your audience an exciting reason to click on your website where they can find further details of your offer and don’t forget to incentivize them to call or get a quote. 

Tell a Story: Be it visually or through words, storytelling is one of the most powerful tools to grab the attention of your audience. Carousel ads are a great example of effective ways of creating a visual story. In addition, according to Facebook this format of posting is more consistent towards generating higher engagement rates compared to single-image ads. Keep this in mind when working on your new ad and find ways to tell your message through carousel posts. 

Try this format to showcase your brand’s uniqueness in bite-sized pieces with the use of various images to story-tell a catchy narrative. 

Let’s be honest, Facebook targeting ideas for ads can be endless. So, the next step to work on is clearly known and identify who you are trying to get to through your creative ads. 

Let’s take an example of life insurance ads. For this, you can primarily target by age, location, and gender. However, there are some other effective targeting options that give you more details of your audience.  

A great alternative is to target your audience by relationship-driven events, such as getting engaged or getting married. This can be a great starting point for your targeting strategy as during these kinds of life events it can be easier to draw attention to life insurance, as they are more likely to be starting a new family and providing the ones they love with security. 

Let’s put the above-mentioned target points into order. When concentrating on your next ad make sure to target through:

  • Age – If you have an existing set of customers, make sure to set up your targeting to be within their age range.
  • Gender – You can as well start with targeting both, males and females, and later through the analysis of their responsiveness make corresponding changes. 
  • Income – Keep in mind that you want to target people who can afford and are ready to pay for your services. 
  • Life events – As mentioned in an earlier example, newly married individuals might have family concerns that can drive them to a higher perceived need for life insurance.

Detailed targeting of awesome leads:

Diving deeper into targeting for Facebook ads, Facebook enables you to make your audience list incredibly specific, to the point of such information as to when your users sold a truck last time or targeting parents of children from 5-10. You can not only target people who have been recently married or recently divorced, but also people who make a certain amount of income. 

Putting our experience into work, here are some more tips on how to target your audience for insurance ads.

Target by lookalike audience

Let’s shortly get introduced to lookalike audiences for those who are unfamiliar with this type of retargeting. 

Lookalike audiences are mostly available with 3rd party Facebook Ad Platforms or Chrome plugin Power Editor. It primarily takes the list of your previous customers and creates a new targeting list of similar users.

How to target them by yourself? 

  • Create a list of your existing customers, CRM, or leads and import the list into your Facebook Ads tool. This helps to create a custom audience.
  • When you already have the audience highlighted make sure to click “create a similar audience.” This step will match your original list with current customers to new potential customers with similar interests, ages, locations, and other details. 
  • Finally, target a Facebook Ad promoting a contest or ebook with this lookalike audience.

There are two primary reasons as to why targeting a lookalike audience can improve your return on Facebook Ads:

  1. You are targeting a very specific and small group of people who are interested in your business or industry, which means that your post-per-Click or Cost-per-Impression is very low.
  2. The high click-through rates per 1000 views naturally mean more conversions for every dollar that you spent on the ad.

Target by Precise and Broad Category Interest

Other important and effective ways of targeting your Facebook ads are Interest and Category. This mainly works due to the segmentation of Facebook users based on likes, changes of their timeline or their profile, stated interest, and other similar details. 

Targeting Facebook users by Precise Interest can look like this:

Let’s imagine a scenario when you are setting your ad budget at 30 dollars per day, and paying by impression, which will result in about 50 clicks on your Facebook Ad.

  • You are driving this primary traffic to your optimized landing page that is converting at 20%, which will result in 10 leads per day.
  • If you do the math, this should result in only $3 per qualified lead, which noticeably is around one 20th of the cost of outsourcing your lead generation.

Targeting Facebook users by Broad Category Interest could look like this:

When targeting a broad category, as the name itself suggests you can make reach a broader circle of potential customers based on their gender, location, behaviour, demographics, interest, and more.

In any case, Facebook makes sure to reach people who are most likely to click on your ad.  

Concluding thoughts: 

Develop great visuals, target the right audience, optimize your campaign for performance, test, analyze, and repeat the cycle again. Through consistency and hard work along with our mentioned tips in this article, you will be able to generate more leads and sales before you know it. 

If you need some professional help in this aspect make sure to contact our experts to take care of all of your marketing needs.

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