ArmTech Congress 2012


We’ll be participating at ARMTECH CONGRESS’12, the 5th annual high-tech industry business forum and conference, which will take place on 10-11 December 2012 at Stanford University, the heart of Silicon Valley, USA. Here is a little overview of ArmTech Congress: “ArmTech is a nonprofit global network and the recurring event officially adopted by the Republic of Armenia as its global high-tech industry platform. Conceived under the theme of “learning from the past and inventing the future” and held under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Armenia, it is dedicated to further the success of Armenia’s high-tech industry in a dynamic global free-market economy. Every year ArmTech Congress attracts an outstanding group of industry professionals, C level executives and interested parties from all over the world who gather together to improve communications and cooperation with and within the Armenian high-tech industry. The event focuses on Armenia’s current and future successful participation in a dynamic global economy with emphasis on its high-tech industry and related businesses. ArmTech Congress provides an unmatched opportunity to obtain business and professional information, and to connect with top industry representatives, government officials, major players in the financial and services sectors, and leading academics from Armenia, the U.S., Russia, European Union, CIS countries, the MENA region, South-East Asia to strengthen cooperation and identify new partnership and investment opportunities.”

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