Mobile applications allow you to put your business directly in the hands of your clients and customers.

Mobile applications allow you to put your business directly in the hands of your clients and customers, no matter what handheld device they’re using. Whether you need a mobile app with a secure and robust backend, a beautifully designed user interface, or both, our talented designers and mobile application developers will build the perfect iOS or Android app to drive your user engagement. Mobile apps are the logical extension of your website or platform, making them a worthwhile investment for any business, and they aren’t simply an option most of the time, but rather, a necessity. Digilite’s innovative tech solutions will help skyrocket your online exposure, performance, sales, and business success.

An App That Puts Your Business on the Map

We’ve helped all types of businesses, from startups to multi-branch companies and NGOs, to kickstart their custom mobile apps. Throughout the past 15+ years since Digilite’s establishment, we’ve had the chance to offer mobile application solutions in a variety of industries and niches. That includes, but surely isn’t limited to, industries like real estate, finance and mortgages, tech, ecommerce, automobile, retail, manufacturing, and more. Our mobile apps are developed on native and hybrid app development frameworks, giving you the freedom to choose the app development approach that suits your business needs the most. From a blueprint or simply an idea to a reality at the touch of your fingertips, Digilite is here to unlock the full potential of your business.

Native Mobile Application Development Services

When developing a native app, the target operating system of the app makes all the difference. You may have decided to target Android and iOS users separately, for example, or set up a dedicated app for each operating system separately. A native app is custom-tailored to the APIs and the primary programming language of the given system with this type of mobile app development service. With this approach, the end result is an exceptionally intuitive, secure, and efficient app with maximal performance. That is due to the simple fact that the app is stored directly on the device and is customized for the unique specifications of the given operating device. A native app is a necessity if you value quick loading times and require components of the device for optimal use, like microphones and cameras.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development Services

Many of our clients also favor cross-platform apps, otherwise known as hybrid mobile apps. What makes this type of app development appealing compared to the native app route? It’s significantly better for scalability without too many complex processes in between. A hybrid app allows your app to reach users of a variety of operating systems, allowing you not to miss anyone who wants to get their hands on your mobile app. Opting to create a mobile app for only one operating system at a time is a gamble. Don’t risk compromising one audience for another — reach out to all of them.

Our team is equipped with all of the technical skills that will help take your app from zero to hero.

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