NEW! Become a Google Certified Mobile Site Developer


Heads up to all mobile site developers also marketers. Now you can become a Google certified mobile site developer. Google launched Mobile Site Certification program yesterday which offers developers and marketers to demonstrate their proficiency in mobile website creation.

The exam covers everything from design to development, why mobile sites matter, how to improve mobile site speed, effective mobile UX design and more.

In order to become a Google certified mobile site developer, you need to pass an exam that checks your expertise and knowledge in key areas of mobile site development.

When the exam is successfully completed, Google grants you with a printable certificate as a listing on the Google Partners profile which proves that you’ve passed the exam.

The exam contains 65 multiple choice and true & false questions. 90 minutes  for completion and at least 80% required score in order to pass.

The new certificate joins AdWords and Analytics exams.

While Google highlights that this exam is mainly for developers, nothing can stop Digital Marketers and SEOs from passing the exam as well. It’s the accreditation benefiting of anyone who works and is involved in mobile websites in any fashion.

Below is the exam format.
google certified mobile site developer

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