It’s Halloween Spooky Season! Time to Create a Compelling Marketing Blast


“Zombies are roaming the street, so you better be fast on your feet”. It’s Halloween season, folks and it kicks off this Saturday! Honestly, I am not a Halloween fan, nor have ever participated in that event. But actually believe it or not Halloween offers a unique opportunity for businesses to launch some fun and interesting marketing campaigns. Spice your promotion with Halloween themed ideas and your business can gain some interest and bring new customers through your door. There is a shortlist of interesting Halloween ideas that you can use to bring some festive mood and  attract customers meanwhile.

Host a Costume/Food/Pumpkin Carving Contest

Halloween is the time when people try to awaken their creativity up, show the uniqueness of their DIY spooky looking costumes, even do their best to seem the most scary personages in the crowd. Encourage customers to show off their creative projects by hosting a contest for costume makers, pumpkin carvers or chefs. At the same time you can have your customers upload the real-time photos on Social Media. That will be a great plus when one of your products could be used in any of those creative projects.

Have Fun with #Hashtags

You can create a certain hashtag and encourage your customers to share or show off how they use your products on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Decorate Your Store or Restaurant

Whether you have  a restaurant a store or such a place that people can physically visit use that power of creative decorations. Give your place a themed touch that will capture and appeal passersby.

Add Fall Flavors to Your Menu

Any business that offers food can definitely benefit from offering seasonal flavoured items to their menus.

Create a Spooky Video

Video is an effective way to show your brand’s message online. Try it out!

Throw a Party

Halloween party offers great opportunity to grab people’s attention to your restaurant/pub… You can allow people to enjoy themed food and drinks by offering some sales and other promotions.

Hand Out Trick-or-Treat Bags with Your Logo

Have your logo printed on bags that kids can use for trick-or-treating. Just pass out the bags to customers in the weeks leading up to Halloween. This step will enhance the awareness of your brand. See the Halloween from Marketing angle as well and give your brand a themed look!