Inspiring Graphic Design Trends to Look For in 2022


All sorts of trends emerge in the market so effortlessly that we often don’t notice how they differ from previous trends before we compare the beginning of the year with the end. Graphic design trends aren’t too different. As we’re approaching 2022, it’s the best time to assess what are the visual design trends now and which ones will move forward into the next year. What can we expect to see more of and what are some lesser-known trends that may become noteworthy next year? Let’s take a look at what industry specialists and Digilite’s own designers anticipate will be the hit design trends in 2022.

Design with Movement


During the past two years, video and moving visual content have been no stranger to us. With the significant increase in popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels, the world is moving in a new direction of content — and it doesn’t involve static content. Movement in graphic design is predicted to make headway in 2022 and we’re not just talking about having flowing lines in your design. Videos, gifs, and live streams have already been gaining traction in terms of graphic design for social media. However, digital billboards for external advertising is the new ultimate trend in digital design. Storefront displays, billboards, flyers, and just about anything that can be incorporated with movement is something worth investing in if you haven’t already.

Maximalism vs. Minimalism

While minimalist, monotone, and neutral colors were in style in the world of fashion for the most part of 2021, the opposite trend was emerging in the world of visual design. Maximalism is growing in popularity more and more each day and it is anticipated to move into the start of 2022 with certainty. Maximalism in digital design can have a different definition for each person but generally, it refers to going in the direction opposite of minimalism. What does that entail? More use of color combinations is a start. Additionally, much more intricate and detailed designs are trending. A mere straight line or a circle in your latest flyer design may not be as jaw-dropping as it was at one point. Including multiple elements to your designs instead of keeping it clean and simple will be a go-to choice for designers next year. Of course, don’t forget that each element you place needs to have its purpose in the design and maximalism is not synonymous with clutter.

Textured Geometrics

For those who still want to implement minimalistic and modern touches to their graphic design in 2022, this next trend is perfect for you. While it isn’t overdone yet, recent graphic design trends still favor the usage of texture and geometrics. This visual design trend entails heavy concentration on simple, geometric lines and shapes while creating texture. It’s optimal that the design has 3D elements to it in order to achieve the illusion of texture within an image or video, but it also isn’t mandatory. Some designers are opting for the usage of lines that mimic the style of human fingerprints to achieve the same simple yet intriguing effect.

90’s Throwback

Similar to another trend that we’re seeing not only in graphic design but fashion and interior design is the prominent throwback to 90’s and even early 2000’s trends. Similar to that of maximalism, there is a large spectrum of opportunities when it comes to designing in this style and it’s a great opportunity to let imagination roam free. Some common re-appearances we can see in this trend are fun colors, rounded and casual font types, anti-design, grunge/rave style, neon colors, collages, and anything retro. We aren’t sure if this trend will stay strong throughout the entirety of next year or fade out midway, but it certainly is a front-running trend of 2022 now.

Digi-tip: Make major changes to your branding only when the trends align with your brand guidelines. If you need to incorporate a trend by compromising your brand identity, avoid doing it.

Abstract Typography


Each year, we witness typography become even more abstract and whimsical in modern graphic design trends. Next year won’t be any different. If anything, unusual font types and textured typography will become more prominent in posters, social media, brand packaging, and advertising campaigns. Not only will big, bold, and bright typography be a trend in 2022, but specifically the abstract execution of it. Gone are the days that businesses worry about the readability of their design, as long as it has intent and is done tastefully. We’ll notice more usage of fonts that aren’t easily readable but merge well with the context of the design.

Digi-tip: Don’t forget to pair your abstract typography with classic, readable fonts. That is especially important in places where the information matters — websites, FAQ pages, calls to actions…etc.

Color Explosion

2022 has to be the year for graphic designers to sharpen their knowledge of color theory and start experimenting with bolder color combinations. We’ll be seeing more brands put the blacks, whites, and neutrals aside next year and grab more diverse color palettes. After all, neutrals are clean and aesthetic, but they are easily forgotten and lackluster in the ocean of brand identities that exist. If you want to make your brand pop, then a bold color palette could be just the thing you need.  You may even want to opt for an entire rebranding campaign altogether if your brand identity seems outdated. It should go without saying that this trend still requires precision in terms of what colors to mix and match — not every color in every shape and size will make for a good design so avoid random combinations.

These were our predictions for up-and-coming design trends of 2022. Be one step ahead of your competition and start experimenting with some of these new trends today. As always, Digilite’s superstar team of designers is here to make your wildest design dreams come true with our design services. Get in touch with us today to discuss the rest.

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