App Store Optimization – Full Guide for ASO


February 9, 2022

App Store Optimization – Full Guide for ASO

There are around 2.6 million Android apps in the Google Play Store, more than 2 million apps in the Apple App Store, with around 3 billion smartphone users globally.

In a competitive marketplace of players, how can you distinguish your brand from the others? And, perhaps more importantly, how can you manage to get your app to rank high in an App Store search while also ensuring that it meets the intent of the searches?

The solution is to use effective Google Play and iOS App Store Optimization techniques for the best outcomes.

The challenge in this scenario will be to come up with a trusted and tested App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy that will boost your app and reach your intended audience. Let’s check some valuable tips and tricks for that.

What is ASO?

Just like digital marketing specialists use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help their website rank on the first pages of search engines, app developers must use effective App Store Optimization or ASO, tactics to push their app to the top of the app store search results.

Keep in mind that just like algorithms for SEO are constantly changing, affecting your SEO strategy and techniques, similarly,  algorithms for ranking in Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android apps are not set in stone.

At the same time, there are obviously certain factors that have a greater impact on your App Store rankings than others. Your app might rank higher, be noticed by more people, and gain more downloads if you carry out App Store Optimization best practices.

The Importance of ASO

App Store Optimization importance
  • Competitive Advantage

There are around 2 million apps available. New apps are added to the Apple App Store and Google Play on a daily basis. Simultaneously, the number of significant mobile app development firms, both specializing in games and non-games, is decreasing. This ecosystem is expanding in a similar fashion to many others: a select few possess the majority of the wealth.

However, paying for advertising for an app isn’t a guarantee of success. The advertising budget will be wasted if developers do not understand customers’ motives for installing an app or a game (which is what ASO is all about).

Brands that get their User Acquisition (UA) right for their app, can have a really good chance for a competitive advantage in the app store, often referring to this phenomenon as ‘distribution advantage’ by many developers.

  • Increase Your App’s Exposure and Bring the Best Out in App Stores

If your potential customers are having a difficult time finding your app in the first place, they won’t be able to download and use it as well. So, no matter how good your app is, if it’s not easy to find, you won’t be able to achieve the app success you expect. Start optimizing! So simply don’t put all of your hard work at risk!

  • Pay Attention to the Cost of Acquiring of New Potential Users & the Long Lasting Organic Growth 

Instead of spending tons of money on ads, you can focus on organic growth with ASO that will assist you in reducing your user acquisition costs. This will not only help you save money but will also ensure that your business grows steadily with organic user flow.

  • Boost the Revenue and Lead Generation of Your App
ASO Lead Generation

You may promote your app in a variety of ways. In-app advertisements, in-app sales, and subscription services are all examples of this. As a result, many of you may choose to run advertisements in order to attract more users and so generate more cash. However, if your app store listings page isn’t converting or persuading consumers to buy your app, then your marketing budget is going to waste. Remember that App Store Optimization includes Conversion Rate Optimization, which is the process of encouraging people to click through and download your app.

  • Keyword Optimization and App Discoverability

App discoverability optimization takes into account a number of elements, including search views and browsing impressions, to increase organic impressions on your app store page.

Primary Pillars of App Store Optimization

Apple App Store Versus Google Play Store: Ranking Factors

It’s not a surprise that both Google Play and the Apple App Store contain sophisticated algorithms for figuring out the best and most reliable sources for their search results. Even when precise data isn’t available, it’s possible to infer elements that influence app store rankings.

Ranking Factors in the Apple App Store:

  • App subtitles
  • App URL
  • Updates to the keyword field
  • In-app purchases
  • Ratings and reviews of the app
  • Primary engagement and downloads
  • Some hidden factors

Ranking Factors in the Google Play Store:

  • Short description of the app
  • Detailed description
  • In-app purchase
  • UPgrades of the app
  • Ratings and reviews of the app
  • Primary engagement and downloads
  • Some hidden factors

How to do App Store Optimization

  • Choose the Appropriate Name for Your App

The name of your app is the first thing your potential users see. Hence, choosing the right name for your app is critical for its success. Ensure your app title is original, related to your industry and product, and easily readable. People remember the title if it is appealing and easy to remember, giving your app a greater recognition value. The number of characters for your app’s name plays an important part as well. So don’t forget to take it into consideration. Both in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store, you can use up to  30 characters.

Moreover, including your primary keywords in the app name might result in a better ranking of your app. After the brand name, you should put your main keywords here.

  • Make the Best Keyword Optimization 

Keywords are crucial in ASO, just as they are in SEO.

The way you should manage app keywords varies from the Apple App Store to Google Play, so make sure to dig deeper into the specifics. If at this stage that might be a lot on your shoulders, you might as well consult with one of our specialists for further details.

You only have 100 characters for all of your keywords with Apple, so you must select carefully; it should go without saying that you must try to stay as near to this restriction as possible.

However, there is no special keyword field on Google Play. The app summary, on the other hand, is searchable, and you have 4000 characters to play with.

You should repeat your most critical keywords five times in your summary for optimal App Store Optimization. However, be careful not to overdo it — keyword stuffing will result in your app being penalized.

Address the following questions when conducting keyword research:

  • What are your app’s or game’s major features?
  • What are the alternatives for the characteristics?
  • What are the names of similar apps?
  • What is the category of your app?
  • What are the terms that are most typically used in this category?

There are many App Store Optimization tools that can assist you in determining your initial keyword list. Among the most popular ones on the market is App Radar. It has a simple interface that allows you to identify your keywords, evaluate them, and receive AI-based suggestions on how to enhance your app store rating.

  • Make use of the App Store Analytics
App Store Analytics

There are a lot of effective app store analytics tools, similar to Google Analytics for website ranking and marketing, that are meant to aid your mobile marketing approach. With the use of these tools, you will be able to examine how your app compares to the competition and improve your store rating as a result.

Here are just a few of the most prominent ones:

Concluding Thoughts 

You must pay special attention to your App Store Optimization strategy if you really want a profitable app with a lot of exposure and sales — and income-generating possibilities. While Apple and Google do not reveal their specific technique for determining app rank, it has been proven that certain factors, as described in this article, will have a favourable impact on how highly your app ranks.

Remember that whenever you need help with application search strategy and optimization, comprehensive app store optimization strategies or Google play store app optimization Digilite’s experts are here to assist you along the way.

Our marketing experts also provide a range of other digital marketing services for your brand, including content production services, SEO optimization services, app development and more.

Feel free to contact us at any time for further details.

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