google panda update

Prevention is Better Than Cure – Get Ready for Google’s Panda Update

Posted on: July 13th, 2015

We are all aware of Panda’s huge role in Google, we also know that Panda is pretty much a content quality filter.

Officially the Panda update was supposed to happen on July 4. Any way it didn’t happen within 2 weeks frame, it is not happening today as well. There is a version that it has been delayed because of some technical reasons.

So hurry up if you have a blog and you are constantly busy to promote it and prevent the judgment by Google Panda, first off you need to separate out low quality content and focus on unique one, concentrate on authority, keep advertising healthy as Google’s Panda Update is Almost at Your Doorstep.

We really do believe that the Panda refresh will happen soon and those sites that have “cleaned up” their web sites can come to life soon.

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