Walt Disney was Great at Art of Marketing – 4 Useful Marketing Tricks that He Used in Disney Land


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”. -Walt Disney.

There can’t be the second mind.. behind every  great thing stands a brilliant mind.

There is a constant question how Disney Land has become that magical dream for every kid and adult across the world, how for attendance in Disney Land, people need to stay in day long queues.

One of the things Disney was so great at was the art of marketing. His story is one of a true entrepreneur, a rags of riches tale, that lives on to inspire the generations that have come after him.

Here are Disney Land’s 4 marketing tricks that every entrepreneur should study and use them in his business needs.

  1. It’s all about perspective. If you take closer look at Sleeping Beauty’s castle you will get the idea. Disney and his team has used the concept of forced perspective to design the area so as it looks bigger including the castle. Disney and his team has used this concept throughout the whole park.

It’s all about perception, in any field you need to use forced perspective to convey bigger and more impressive image to the world.

  1. Every detail counts. If you take stroll down the Main street, definitely you will notice a venting system along the candy shop. These machines pump out scent telling what season is in the air at a particular time, It might be vanilla, scent of cinnamon and so on.

Always remember every slightest detail matters. Customers are looking for the ones who go above and beyond to meet their needs. Small details like this can make you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Accessibility with a touch of Exclusivity. Disney created Disney Land for people all over the world. He wanted people feel joy and get cut off from the reality, to find themselves in the magic and tale. However, even Disney knew that no matter how accessible the park is, there should definitely be something unique and exclusive. For that reason he created Club 33, the private speakeasy hidden in the New Orlean section in the park, which requires significant reservation to become a member of it.

This strategy is helpful and usable for every business sphere. Always have VIP treatment to offer your best customers.

  1. Fan engagement. Getting fans for your brand is one of the most important strategies. There is a hidden reason why people are always coming back to Disney. All over Disneyland, the Disney team has planted “Hidden Mickies” throughout the park and for decades Disney fans have been going back to try to discover and share all the hidden Mickeys in the park.

Create something unique in your business that will unconsciously call back your customers to you.

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