Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2014


The “Web Design” category of general interest covers its fair share of ground. Informative articles on everything from UX to client management, to conversion psychology, and even A/B testing can be found with a simple search for “web design.” In the first half of 2014 at least, we’ve seen a lot of the same tags popping up.

Responsive is a buzzword bandied about like no other. Everyone is obsessed with making their sites appear perfectly across a variety of viewports. At the same time, various scroll site iterations have seen a big uptrend in popularity, and don’t get me started on the proclivity of “Flat.”

  1. Typography
  2. Minimalism/Flat Design
  3. Responsive Design
  4. Browser compatibility
  5. Parallax Scrolling
  6. Infinite Scrolling
  7. CSS Animations
  8. Ambient Video Backgrounds
  9. The Usurpation of Content’s Throne
  10. SEO isn’t getting any easier

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