The 2019 Topics & Trends Report from Facebook IQ


To go ahead for the next week, marketers should always analyze the previous one. From The 2019 Topics & Trends Report from Facebook IQ, we can remark the insights on the many topics of conversation that grew on Facebook during 2018 and make suggestions about what they will matter in the year ahead.

When marketers see which topics had a growth on Facebook, they can anticipate potential shifts in the world around us, including the foods people eat, products they purchase, media they use, entertainments they engage in and ways they spend their time.

Facebook grouped these topics across seven distinct categories:

  • Beauty & Fashion,
  • Commerce,
  • Entertainment,
  • Food & Drink,
  • Mind & Body,
  • Science & Technology
  • Travel & Leisure.

As a new feature in this year’s report, Facebook invited leading global trend spotters at the Innovation Group at J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, PSFK and Stylus to showcase their perspectives and vision on various themes and topics, and what they mean for the year to come.

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Download the full report to see the upcoming trends that people have been talking about to be ready for, which will help you to make the right choices around marketing campaigns, creative strategy, and product development.


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