Mark Zuckerberg Launches Crazy Messenger Platform


Always stay unique… Remaining at the same place is not a good sign in any field without exceptions. One always needs to try new ways, learn new things  and open mysterious doors to see new horizons ahead. Bet, all Facebook fans will recall the times when facebook wasn’t so much well stuffed with new ideas though having its insight always unique. But what if facebook wouldn’t refresh and add new items and original features from time to time… Sure the rapidly growing social networks would replace him immediately. A day ago Facebook announced a series of features and updates at its annual F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco, though the updates mainly refer to developers and designers for now, in future that changes will mean a big thing for fb users. CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked off the two-day long conference with a major update to the Facebook Messenger chatting platform. Users will be able to send photos, GIFs, music and integrate with apps like ESPN and the Weather Channel. Perhaps one of the best update is that that the facebook messenger, which is considered to be fb’s chatting tool, is becoming a lot more like a massive communication hub, where users will be able to do much more than chat with others via the service. Developers can now add a Messenger button on the 3rd party apps, within a movie ticketing service app, so after a customer makes a purchase, they could share those details and movie times with a friend on Facebook. This is not all. Zuckerberg has added other interesting things as well, such as: Spherical Videos

Embeddable videos, refreshed comments

Analytics for apps

The Internet of Things

There’s a clear technology trend enabling people to share richer and richer content.