Score Goal For Your Business by Using Instagram Ads


“In a world of pay-to-play, it pays to be creative” said Peter McGuinness, CMO at Chobani. We all remember that Instagram’s launch in 2010 was the equivalent to the new popular mind-blowing “hit” levelling your creativity up to the higher dimensions. Growing number of people started making career of photo-sharing hobby as brands realized that the app has been turned into quite a gateway to younger audience. Instagram users who  initially began using this app for fun making  the world a beautiful place: high-contrast blue skies; sepia-tinted sunsets; exquisite plates of food and raindrops sliding down windows in perfect formation now they are earning salaries and travelling across the world to take photos. It might sound crazy but 200 million people around the world use Instagram, sharing 60m pictures a day. According to this huge statistics, why not to integrate ads on Instagram. Fast forward to 2015, Instagram rolled out Advertising for all businesses allowing brands to be marketed to its more than 400 million users. This is a paid feature and by the way the users are more likely to click on ads on Instagram than on other social-media platforms. Istagram has limited the kinds of photos that users could post, the company gave advertisers lots of options. Such as, individuals can only post just a 15 seconds videos while advertisers’ videos can be 30 seconds long. Users cannot post links outside the content whereas ads can include five different “calls to action” including links like install the apps or shop now. Let us know your plans for advertising on Instagram. We’d love to hear them! If you create an effective Instagram ad, you can score the game-winning goal for your business. So lace up your skates and get started!

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