Make Sure Your Website Fits to All Devices


“THE WEB’S MOVED BEYOND THE DESKTOP, AND IT’S NOT LOOKING BACK. THE NUMBER OF DEVICES WE ARE DESIGNING IS GROWING JUST AS QUICKLY AS MOBILE TRAFFIC.” Ethan Marcotte Nowadays knowing the world of responsive design is crucial. One needs to make sure that the website he/she is creating fits to any device that his/her customers might ever use. Digilite that always walks parallel to Web Development and Design latest trends and innovations has recently launched a new Website – ACC Annual Golf Tournament which is considered to be a Golf event allowing all Golf enthusiasts  of all ages to participate in a one-of-a-kind tournament. ACC Annual Golf Tournament is a high load website with responsive and outstanding web design and with online booking integration. The content management system in its turn is rather easy and user friendly. While taking over a new project Digilite always strives to satisfy not only its clients but also Search Engines. In a nutshell, we always keep thinking how to help our clients to expand their business even if their artistic senses don’t align with ours.