Doing Business During The Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic


Following the recent news around the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its global spread, our team at Digilite wanted to let you know that we are fully committed to continuing to provide world-class service to our clients. We acknowledge that this is an uncertain time in the world for people and their businesses. The pandemic, and news about it, change rapidly.

At Digilite, it is our mission to support our community of businesses and professionals in any way we can. As such, we are putting precautions in place to protect both our community of business owners and our employees and continue to deliver on our mission, remotely. We’ve moved all of our team members to work from home, we have switched all of our face-to-face meetings to online for the foreseeable future.

As a business owner here are a couple of things that you should do:

  • Send email marketing newsletter updates
  • Post status updates on social media channels
  • Update your business hours if they change due to safety precautions
  • Ensure phone lines, email accounts, and teleconferencing options are open and available for your clients

Do not stop! Now is the right time to prove your company’s value and test its preparedness for crisis management.

This is a crucial time to support your customers and deliver them the best products or services you can.

In desperation, people often sick comfort in the digital world. With the rise of the virus, we clearly see the need for online resources and how businesses can benefit from those if they take quick and smart decisions.

Digilite is proud to be an expert in the world of digital marketing and communications. Our professionals are ready to invest all of their efforts into overcoming the chaos of the virus over the business world and the economy, ensuring the prosperous growth of your business in this difficult time.

We are here to help businesses navigate #covid_19.


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