10 Reasons Your Brand should be on Instagram


Do you use Instagram? I do! Bet you are finding more people saying that you need to be on Instagram asap. If you are developing a business then you need to bring your brand to the right audience. See and follow where they are spending the most part of their day. Marketing is about reaching your customers in a smart way giving them call to action. One of the major ways is to be there where your targeted audience is. So why Instagram is important for marketers. Well, let’s discuss the official statistics and data.

  1. Instagram is officially bigger than Twitter.

Though Twitter is not that far behind with its users but Instagram has taken the lead. Instagram is bigger than twitter with over 300 million active users.      2. Engagement is up to 22X compared to Twitter.

  1. Engagement is 15 times more than Facebook.
  2. Businesses on Instagram are seeing incredible sales.
  3. Adoption is rapidly increasing.
  4. Locally based businesses have huge opportunities.
  5. Every user is a content creator.
  6. Yes, Instagram is not for young generation any more.
  7. Your competitors are slow to adopt it.

Why? because statistically only 23% of US brands are using Instagram.

  1. The users are 6X active than on Facebook.

The average Instagram post receives 4.8 interactions compared with 0.72 for Facebook.

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