Garb Yourself in Power of Integrated Marketing Analytics


Gradually the job of marketers is becoming tougher and complicated with the access of a tremendous amount of customer insights and analytics tools.

The new study of Forrester Consulting unveils how successful organizations use marketing analytics tools to enhance relevant customer experience.

The things called micro-moments (when the consumers expect to find and see what they want anytime, anywhere from any device they have at hand (tablet, smartphone, etc.)), offer marketers more chances than ever before to connect and engage. Plus, they enable marketers to literally learn valuable insights about customers behavior. Having that much customer data at hand to consider, effective marketing measurement becomes more effective and important than before.

Luckily for marketers, Google has commissioned Forrester Consulting to perform and present a thorough survey of 150 marketing, analytics and IT executives. The research uncovers how successful marketers use the marketing tools effectively to make the most of consumer interactions


#1 Marketers must be able to tie performance to business results.

The 53% of  “sophisticated marketers” who were among survey respondents stated that they adhere to well-established metrics and KPIs that link directly to business objectives. These marketers prefer the companies that are at least 3X more likely to hit their goals.

#2 The right tools are critical to success.

The 26% of respondents stated that their marketing analytics tools are well-integrated and work seamlessly together. But marketers with integrated, easy to use tools were more likely to outperform revenue goals.

#3 Marketers employing complete marketing analytics platforms witness an increase in performance.

Another group of “sophisticated marketers” that deploy a complete integrated marketing analytics stack are 39% more likely to see an improvement in their marketing efforts performance.

In short, Marketing measurement has never been this important. To understand how successful your company can turn all of your data into results, meet Digilite team to discuss and analyze your data.