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custom application

We deliver a 100% customized, hand-coded solution. Our developers will get to work coding a custom solution that gives you exactly what you need. We’ll go beyond giving you the functionality you need. An obsession with figuring out how to work well within your existing framework guides our entire development process. Our developers will add the feature we create for you in a way that complements your vision. We’ll stick around for when you need us, whether it’s tweaking the functionality we created for you or correcting a bug. Our familiarity with your code will give us a big advantage in making these changes as fast and painless for you as possible.

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Digilite Web Solutions

cloud based application development

As commercial demands continue to grow, organisations are increasingly looking at ways to address these with ever-decreasing resources. To remain competitive, organisations must evolve and find ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs while minimising risk. Cloud computing allows organisations the flexibility and freedom to meet these growing demands. Providing a web interface to your enterprise platforms extends the functionality and capabilities of these systems to a larger target audience. This enables consumers of the application to access these systems from outside the enterprise or on a mobile device. You need a custom software developer who can help you increase your company’s productivity and profitability.


mobile application development

We build apps that work on any mobile platform. Our mobile apps are developed on native platforms and/or on Phonegap from Adobe, which is the most popular cross platform mobile development platform in the world. Download a sample of our work from the Apple app store here. Mobile applications allow you to put your business directly in the hands of your clients and customers.


system integrations

Systems integration is abput creating a seamless bond between two or more programs to make your digital experience more efficient, productive and reliable. Nothing burns time or raises the stress levels than two programs that are meant to work together breaking each other down instead. Lucky for you, the Webcoda team are adept at getting programs to play nice through proper systems integration. Systems integration is the ability to find the common ground between the two programs you need to use in tandem and enabling them to talk to each other. With our focus on programming and wealth of experience working with applications, we’ll get your system properly integrated and servicing each other in no time.


web accessibility and usability testing

Web accessibility and usability is one of the most neglected areas in web design and development. Creating a beautiful site with huge amounts of content is useless if your users can’t find the information that they are after or get frustrated navigating your website.