Canadian Market Trends For 2021


Last year, marketers across Canada were forced to learn new ways to adapt and move quickly as a response to the pandemic.  As we are continuing with another unpredictable year we’re looking back on last year’s marketing trends and anticipating how they’ll play out in 2021.

Shopping will be local and live-streamed

Last year, neighborhood stores responded to the rapid change online by providing services such as same-day and next-day delivery and curbside pickup, and by making items available much quicker than e-commerce giants, attracting customers. People will continue to shop locally this year, but only if businesses make it easy. The value of a smooth shopping experience cannot be overstated.

People’s buying habits have changed as a result of the shift in where they shop. In 2021, live-streamed shopping experiences, which have been common in Asia for years, will be available in North America. People can buy and curate via mobile or YouTube with live-streamed shopping. Retailers may display their available goods in a similar manner to a television shopping network.

As we foresee continued restrictions on in-person shopping, this is a perfect way for brands to engage with their customers.

Increased focus on inclusivity

Marketers must step up their efforts in the areas of diversity and inclusion this year — we can’t afford to slow down. Inclusivity necessitates a constructive rather than reactive approach. Companies and marketing teams must expand their approach to inclusion beyond formal DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion) training courses and KPIs, and integrate them into daily activities and language.

  • Marketers can make this a reality by prioritizing multicultural strategies and creatives, conducting evaluations of their current work, recruiting from a more diverse pipeline, and publicly addressing it at all levels of the organization.

Inclusive marketing is not a trend; it is what consumers expect now and in the future, as they want to see themselves represented in all aspects of marketing, including advertising campaigns.

Moreover, according to research, customers prefer brands that value diversity. As customer perceptions of businesses’ social impact continue to rise, those who do not approach DE&I as a long-term conversation can face a number of risks, including a negative impact on sales or brand perception.

New ways to engage at virtual events:

As several activities were forced to move online last year, the number of organizations moving to a virtual event format almost doubled.

However, digital activities have a range of advantages for both companies and consumers: they can lower manufacturing costs, resulting in a higher return on investment, and they can improve mobility for people who no longer have to factor in travel or busy schedules.

Consumers are oversaturated with simulated activities and meetings as a consequence of the leveling of the digital playing field — there is fatigue. Marketers must ensure that virtual events add value to their audience in 2021.

To keep audiences interested, compelling content and speakers are essential. Marketers can also look for new ways to tap into, such as audio or virtual reality, as well as techniques that make activities more engaging, such as quizzes, polls, and competitions.

The recent global pandemic changed our lives in various ways, and the way we market our business to our audience was not an exception as well. Just like in all the other industries, the marketing industry went through major changes and have been forced to make quick decisions to meet their goals even in times of uncertainty.

Some businesses succeeded in the fight against COVID-19, with their marketing efforts and created the basis of trends for 2021 we should all take into consideration.

No need to waste any more time. You should invest in the growth of your business right now despite the difficulties raised by the pandemic.

The good news is we are here to help with all of your digital marketing activities. Let’s connect to discuss the details!


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