British Airways Users have Become Victims to a Large-Scale Hack


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It is an open secret that hackers are chasing ways to hack anything that is connected to technological security.

Reportedly British Airlines which is considered to be high profile company has recently become a victim to a large-scale hack. The company confirmed on Sunday that a security breach affected tens of thousands of its users’ frequent-flyer accounts.

UK-based airlines has given an interview and reported that fortunately users’ personal data like travel history or credit card info haven’t been viewed. Any way for users’ peace the IT specialists of British Airways have frozen the accounts for a while.

This incident occurred because of some weak protected piece of data on the Internet.

The airline apologized for the caused incident, concern and inconvenience to its users. The company also reassures that they have taken this incident seriously and have already taken numerous of steps to lock down the accounts so they can no longer be accessed.

Think this should sound kind of necessity for our readers to make your passwords stronger and invulnerable than before.