Apple Released Amazingly Thin and Beautifully Designed New MacBook


They say work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.
We haven’t been aware of Apple’s affairs for a while, it was obvious that the team was working on some breathtaking project. So we weren’t wrong in our deductions. Apple has released a new MacBook, which might be great but however not for everyone.
It is an open secret that Apple has always been in the center of spotlight by being sample of admiration.
This latest release of amazingly thin, light and beautifully designed MacBook simultaneously brings several new interesting technological solutions including a thinner keyboard and the thinnest Retina display ever.

Seems like we are going to buy one promptly, but actually we won’t and many professionals won’t do that either.

What functions does MacBook have?

The new MacBook basically has numerous of similarities with iPad with keyboard rather than with laptop. New MacBook is fanless runs on a low-power Intel Core M processor and has just one single port. It seems that Apple’s aim was to provide laptop experience similar to that of using tablets (no fans, no wire, low power).
Simply put, these are the reasons why professionals and those who have even basic knowledge about PC, laptop functionalities would hesitate to buy one new MacBook.

However the issues that we’ve outlined above can be ok for many people especially for travelers who  need a very light and portable device for a quick note, video or presentation. As for IT specialists, they first will wait to see things tested only after will determine to buy one.

But truth is truth, beautiful and innovative as MacBook is, came to prove that Pros are Pros.

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