5 Reasons To Refresh Your Website For 2020


2020 is so close!  New year, new web design: the best Christmas gift for your visitors and prospects. Your site doesn’t provide value to visitors or it isn’t responsive? Then keep reading.

You probably don’t want to invest in a website redesign but believe us, you definitely need it. Appealing web design is a very beneficial investment in the long-term. Many of your user’s first impressions of your brand will be based on what they see on your website.
If you still need more inspiration about the redesign, there are some very good reasons why your website may need a refresh. Here are 5 of the strongest:

#1 Your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly

Nowadays your prospects use their phones very often during the purchasing process. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, you’re losing leads and potential clients, cause they’ll look elsewhere. It is very important to have an interactive website, so users can enjoy the user experience while searching for a product, sharing something with friends, etc.

83% of mobile users say that a seamless experience across all devices is very important.

#2 Your Brand Identity and Logo are Outdated

If you have attractive branding, it’s great. But your company’s brand identity should be consistent with your website. Moreover, if you’ve recently rebrand your company, you should update your site to showcase these changes.

The first reason company owners decide to refresh their website is an outdated design. If you don’t want users to land on your website and leave it, then make sure you have taken all action to keep them,

When updating your site keep in mind a rebrand isn’t just about your logo or colors, it also includes the content and language used on your site.  You don’t want people to land on a page and think it doesn’t look or sound like it came from the same company.

Practice shows, that users will most often choose to do business with a company that has a modern-looking, engaging, easily navigated website.

#3 You Want to Convert More Leads

All our efforts have 1 goal more sales and leads. You think that your website is fine, but it is still not converting prospects into leads or customers. This case demands revisiting your landing pages and optimizing conversion funnels in general, to see where they are falling short.

Maybe your landings are too complicated, the content is unclear, or people simply can’t find one when they need it. Anyway, you should try to make the essential changes to pull users deeper into the sales funnel.

#4 The main goal of your website has updated

Your business grows, but your sales and marketing stay constant. Keeping your website connected with your new goals can be a hard task, but if you want to succeed in your online presence, it’s vital.

The best option is updating your website quarterly to make sure it’s actually walking hand in hand with your specific goals. For example, if your new goal is to provide more lead generation content, make sure you include CTAs on your homepage and other popular webpages.

#5 You Need a Better User Experience

Your website is your 24/7 salesman. It has the potential to be the most useful asset of your marketing efforts. So, make it user-friendly in all aspects.
UX is becoming increasingly essential in a website’s success. It’s all about the emotional experience that a visitor gets when navigates through your website.

A site that doesn’t have easy navigation will leave a bad taste in your visitor’s mouth and cost you many leads. If your website is full of bad UX practices, you should look into a website redesign that focuses on creating a more pleasant experience. To improve your UX start from understanding your users’ behavior, define the goal of your website, and what action you want your visitors to complete.

Want to have an attractive website that will generate leads and sales? Contact one of the best web design agencies in Markham and let the magic happen.




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