3 Months of Local SEO Puts Law Firm on The Map | Case Study


Steinmetz and Associates is a Toronto-based team of personal injury lawyers, aiming to secure rightful compensation for local citizens. It’s important to note that in order to put your business on the map in the digital age, you need a strong online presence that will attract potential clients and add to your brand’s authority. That’s precisely what Steinmetz and Associates sought out from Digilite. Let’s take a look at how we achieved promising results with dedicated SEO services.

The Challenge 

There are thousands of law firms in Toronto and double that number of licensed lawyers. Capturing the attention of new clients is difficult with an ocean of competition. Especially when your target audience primarily consists of local residents of Ontario. In order to establish a strong and memorable online standing, Steinmetz and Associates came to us with the need for a dedicated local SEO strategy and that is exactly what we delivered. 

Our Approach

We crafted an SEO strategy that encompassed all of the following elements and best practices:

  • Service pages addition — The website only had a small section as opposed to dedicated pages for all of the legal practice areas that the firm supported. We created 10 pages, each with their corresponding content, and all of that was keyword-optimized. 
  • Local keyword targeting — Since the firm only services locals, there is no need to target online traffic from other cities, let alone other countries. We targeted local keywords like ‘Toronto’ and ‘Ontario’ to secure more accurate user traffic to the website. 
  • Off-site optimization — A strong off-site SEO strategy is necessary to get quality backlinks and increase authority according to Google’s ranking system. We wrote and distributed niche blogs via guest posting to fulfill this task.
  • Technical SEO — Besides the content aspect of SEO, the technical aspect is just as important. Our team executed various tasks behind the scenes (things that aren’t always visible on a website) to optimize the website from a technical perspective. That includes processes like doing a schema markup and indexation. 

The Results

The entire strategy mentioned above yielded the following results over a three-month period:

Keyword rankings:  

The best time to invest in SEO was yesterday and the next best time is today. Get in touch with us to discuss a custom-tailored strategy for you. 

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