How to Get Website Indexed by Google Incredibly Fast

Move fast! Speed is one of your main advantages over nowadays large competitions.

        It is an open secret that no one likes waiting  till Google indexes their web page. There is a constant wonder what is the fastest way to do that.
The answer is rather simple and easy. If you are fond of Google Webmasters Tool’s activities then it is not a big deal to implement it – do FETCH AS GOOGLE and then press submit to index.

Here is what Google’s John Muller said about this:

“The really quick way (to get your web site indexed fast) is to use the fetch as Google and submit to indexing. That is essentially the fastest way to get your pages in our index.

You can also use a sitemap file, which tells us about multiple parts of your site. So those are really fast ways to get indexed.”

Of course you can submit as many pages as you want manually to Google via FETCH as Google tool, so sitemap can considered to be a more efficient but slower method

Mari Dadoyan

Mari Dadoyan

SEO & PPC specialist

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